Fatigue and post-viral syndromes

Fatigue and post-viral syndromes

Are you tired all the time? Have you lost that Sparkle?

Your fatigue may build up gradually but it can also trigger after you have had a bad virus. For example glandular fever or Covid-19.

When it is persistent, your fatigue can affect your wellbeing, relationships and employment. When your fatigue is severe, your symptoms can be caused by lots of of different factors. If you address one single health problem, this may not help your wellbeing because other important factors also need to be identified and fixed.

When fatigue gets the better of you, it is therefore helpful to see a specialist like me, who understands fatigue. This is because it can be difficult to unravel. Many GP’s and other doctors simply don’t understand it.


It is important for you and your doctor to identify and treat as many of the factors that are contributing to your fatigue as possible. There is not a “one size fits all” solution. Your treatment needs to be focussed around your individual circumstances and needs.

Improving your overall health, hormone balance, nutrition and lifestyle, can all make a big positive difference to your symptoms.  This can also help with your recovery.

You may be offered different treatmets to help with treating different aspects of fatigue.

If your tests are normal your symptoms may be due to a condition called CFS/ME.

Dr Annice Mukherjee
Dr Annice Mukherjee
Endocrine specialist
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