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Menopause is a natural phenomenon and is inevitable as you get older but the age at which you will notice symptoms, length of time you suffer symptoms and severity are very variable.

You may not know what to expect and if you don’t understand and manage your symptoms early, they can disrupt your health and wellbeing.

Chronic fatigue

Because each woman experiences menopause differently, there is not a “one size fits all” solution. Furthermore it is not always as simple as just taking HRT. You may get side effects or complications with HRT or it may not suit you. You may be ok on HRT for  while and then it may stop helping your symptoms. Or you may love it and not want to stop taking it! The confusion around menopause is ongoing, especially because of the constantly changing advice about safety of HRT.

For all these reasons I decided to write a book for women to dispel the myths and help empower every woman to be her own menopause expert and to prepare for it and be ahead of the game. Or take back control once it begins. The aim is to thrive, not just survive. I want the change the narrative around the menopause. It should be liberating and empowering.

“The Complete Guide to the Menopause” by Dr Annice Mukherjee

Achieving a successful menopause will involve you embraceing the unpredictability of your individual menopause journey,. To do this you will need to carve out a path that works for you. Your individual path will not be exactly the same as anyone else’s. No one else can carve it for you – you must be your own menopause expert. My book will show you how.

My book will be published with Penguin Random House books in January 2021.

Here is a menopuse article I was involved in writing for the Telegraph back in 2016 when menopause had just started being discussed in the media!

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