Master Classes and Seminars

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I am available to give seminars and masterclasses on a variety of hormone related topics at the corporate level, such as “Menopause in the workplace” and “Overcoming fatigue and improving productivity at work”

Over the last two decades I have lectured all over the world at endocrinology conferences. I have given lectures to doctors at all levels of training. These have included many lectures to medical consultants and GP’s. I have also given many talks to the public. In this setting, popular topics have included menopause in the workplace, thyroid problems and managing chronic fatigue and post-viral fatigue.

I receive very positive feedback from all my lectures and seminars.

Dr Annice Mukherjee

Webex webinar on behalf of the Society for Endocrinology on the menopause to staff at Health Education England October 2019

Hi both,

I have had some great feedback from the SfE office on the webinar – they loved the presentation, thought it was very comprehensive, delivered with great enthusiasm, and so good they hardly had any questions as you’d covered everything!

Thanks so much for doing this Annice, I think it was a great way to educate our non-expert staff on the topic.

I’ve had lots of interest in watching the recording too! You’re a star here at the office too!