Puberty issues

Puberty issues

Your puberty matters both to you and all your family

In your teen years a range of puberty issues can occur. Both giirls and boys can be affected. You might have delayed puberty, be very short or tall for your age, or have rapid weight changes.

As a boy you may notice swelling around your pecs tissue (gynaecomastia). For girls delayed breast development and periods not starting are common themes and PMS, PMDD and PCOS can start in puberty.

Several other hormone gland problems can also begin in puberty such as thyroid conditions.

The earlier problems are picked up the better. Understanding the problem and sometimes starting treatment can make a big difference. So if you have a puberty concern, this should be looked into.

For under 16’s, puberty problems should be assessed by a children’s hormone specialist (paediatric endocrinologist).

If you are over 16 and have hormone problems you should see a hormone doctor like me who specialises in teenagers (transitional endocrinology).

If you have gender identity concerns, you would need to see a specialist in this area. I am not a gender dysphoria specialist. Here is a link to trusted experts in this field;

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