Treating performance issues in elite athletes

Treating performance issues in elite athletes

A multitude of factors can affect performance in elite sport.

Elite athletes are highly talented and motivated individuals. They have a collection of specific attributes that are necessary to enable reliable and repeated, highly perfected, physical performance.

Improving performance is a goal for most if not all athletes, whatever their current level of attainment. Marginal gains matter. Challenges and threats to performance level include environmental factors such as climate, jet lag, nutrition and micro-nutrient status.  Physical health factors such as hydration, hormone balance, immune function, digestive issues and intercurrent illnesses are also important to exclude.  Finaly psychological barriers, self belief, stress and anxiety, sleep quality, concentration and focus can al play a role.

Optimising performance in athletes can be challenging because of the multitude of simultaneous factors that can impact on performance and because these factors are unpredictable, different for each individual and can change over time.

A tailored approach to optimising performance in athletes is therefore essential, taking into consideration and addressing all simultaneous factors that are impeding performance.

Specialist investigations are reecommended in athletes with health concerns, unexplained symptoms, poor immune function, hormone related issues, fatigue and under-performance.

Diagnosing and treating overtraining syndrome can also transform outcomes.

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